The facts and figures of the Opening Ceremony

From the 7,500 volunteers to 007, it was a great show

Jul 30, 2012

The London 2012 Opening Ceremony lived up to everybody's expectations. Director Danny Boyle put together a perfect show the massive scale of which is also demonstrated by its numbers. On the 15,000 sqm area of the Olympic Stadium, 7,500 volunteers took it in turns between one scene and another, accompanied by 40 sheep, 12 horses, 3 cows and 12,956 props, and used 57,000 costumes. The volunteers took part in 284 rehearsals to prepare for the event in the weeks prior to the Olympic Games. A 1 million Watt system was required to light the show, with 317 km of cable to connect the pixel screens. A total of 7 billion pieces of confetti was released taking all choreographies into account. The Opening Ceremony was watched live by 60,000 spectators at the Olympic Stadium and by over a billion people on TV screens worldwide, including 27 million British viewers (there had been 6 million viewers for the Beijing 2008 ceremony). Another number to add to the list is 007: the most popular secret agent was one of the big stars of the show, with the ironic and spectacular video filmed together with Queen Elizabeth II.