The women's teams are back on

Confirmations and first victories sought at the Basketball Arena

Jul 30, 2012

The twelve teams starring in the women's basketball Olympic tournament will be battling it out once again at the Basketball Arena today. In Group A, the USA will be playing an easily predictable game against Angola (at 10.15 pm London time), which lost against Turkey in the first match. The Turkish team will be slugging it out against the Czech Republic (at 11.15 am), which suffered a surprise defeat against China in the first game. The Chinese team will try to secure another victory against Croatia in the first match of the day, at 9 am. In Group B, France, having defeated Brazil in the opening game, will try to put up a fight against the group's favorite team, Australia (2.30 pm). Russia, which defeated the home team on Saturday, will now battle it out against Brazil (4.45 pm), while Great Britain will seek their first victory against Canada (8 pm).