Year earthquake: May 2012
Opening after restructuring: December 2013
Construction manager: Architect Giuseppe De Martino

Sport Architecture

The reconstruction following catastrophic events, in some instances can stimulate innovative solutions that benefit the community. This happened at the sports hall of Moglia, which was struck by an earthquake in 2012, thanks to the Mondo solutions they  made a quantum leap.


Feels like sports

In May 2012, a series of earthquakes struck the Emilia, the Veneto and Lombardy. The municipality in Lombard that suffered the most damage was Moglia, a town in the province of Mantova. Part of the facade of the church and there was severe damage to the town hall and other buildings in the center. Among the facilities affected by the earthquake, was also the Alberto Pharaohs sports facility, whose restoration was funded in part by the European Union Solidarity Fund. The reopening in December 2013, of the gym in the building has been an important step towards a return to normalcy.

"The gym's indoor stadium has great importance for the community of Moglia. Not only does it house the practices for the basketball teams and volleyball games, but is also the training center of the children's football and  mini rugby teams during the winter. It is often used in the morning for women's gymnastics classes. Our women's volleyball team has reached a good level and play in Serie C. Now among our objectives is to get the same results with the basketball, "said Simona Maretti, mayor of Moglia.

Practicability and new flooring

Used as a shelter during the earthquakes and as a warehouse after the earthquake, before starting renovations, the gym of the sports hall was in very bad condition. Early operation were focused on the recommissioning it for structural safety once that was completed, it resulted in it being fit for use in accordance with law. This first series of work was completed in February 2013.

The second part of the work, which mainly involved the replacement of the flooring, which took place under the direction of Architect Giuseppe De Martino and installed by the company Sportissimo Srl Albino, who provided both the Mondoelastic wood both sessions nineties / 1, to replace the old benches of the grandstand. "The intervention on palasport was of particular importance. In addition, to restore it from damage caused by the earthquake, action necessary to allow the reopening, we have taken steps to improve it to make it more comfortable, "said the mayor Maretti. The second phase of work, which involved, among other things, the replacement of all coatings bent or detached from earthquakes, creating slides and gym access for the disabled and the repainting of the room with more vibrant colors , was completed in record time in December of 2013.
"The last part of the work was a race against time. Assistance from the European Union Solidarity Fund was released in August of 2013, with a commitment to conclude the renovation by December 19, 2013. It has been done a great job in a very short time. For once, an Italian town has obtained funds from Europe which was then able to use, "said the mayor Maretti.

A quantum leap

The installation of the  Mondoelastic flooring allowed the gym hall of Moglia to make a quantum leap. All disciplines practiced within this multifunctional space (basketball, volleyball and futsal) can now be carried out on a surface of the elite.

"After you have cleaned up the subfloor, we laid a surface Mondoelastic, parquet performance that is the flagship of our sports wood flooring. First, there was a linoleum flooring that had to be completely removed. In addition, to the performance level, the new floor is striking for the pleasing aesthetic effect produced by the combination of the two colors of the surface, "said Igor Papini, Area Manager of Mondo.

Very satisfied with the arrangements made by Mondo, and not only for their aesthetic appearance, said he was also the project manager, the architect De Martino. "I already knew Mondoelastic and I knew that would be the best solution to the type of intervention needed for the gym Moglia. Finding in front of a system of floor heating, it was necessary to create a cavity to allow hot air to circulate. The solution has enabled the World to make this operation without problems, "said the architect.

In addition to flooring, Mondo has also provided seats Novanta / 1,  in yellow, for the new 300-seat grandstand, built inside the plant. Upon completion of the work, great satisfaction was expressed by the town of Moglia.
"The facility is very nice and has reached the highest level of usability as possible. The goal was the arrangement of the damage, but also make the building more functional than in the past, in order to promote the sport of citizens of Moglia, "was the comment of the Mayor Simona Maretti.

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