All the advantages of a multilayer floor covering.

Elastiflex is a FIBA Level 1-certified combi-elastic sports system consisting of two layers of phenolic plywood affixed with Mondoflex, a calendered and vulcanised natural rubber surface flooring.

The underside of the Elastiflex system features special patented supports, Air Cell® Pads, which guarantee a perfectly uniform elastic floor response.

Basketball is a sport with quick changes in direction, numerous stops and starts, and constant ball bouncing. Elastiflex is a playing surface that is ideal both for practices and for tournaments; its grip allows players to make quick changes in direction and speed, and its elastic surface enables the ball to bounce evenly. As a result, players can play their best and still play in comfort.

Several layers that offer a unique advantage.

Elastiflex consists of interlinked layers of phenolic plywood affixed with Mondoflex rubber flooring.  This layered structure, combined with the Air Cell® Pads, allows the air to circulate underneath the flooring and between the layers of plywood. These panels provide a system that is resistant to rising moisture and ideal for underfloor heating. It also guarantees greater resistance to temperature changes and greater dimensional stability than solid wood solutions.

Uniform bounce on every square centimetre.

The Air Cell® Pads have been designed in collaboration with the Biomechanical Institute of Valencia to guarantee a perfect biomechanical response to shock absorption and uniform ball bounce on the entire playing surface.

Designed to last.

Vulcanising the rubber slows down the hardening process, which is typical of other synthetic materials, but also makes it strong and resilient. That is why when you choose Elastiflex, you are choosing a surface that maintains its electromechanical properties for longer than other synthetic surfaces. What’s more, rubber surfaces do not require heat-sealing during installation, eliminating welding joints, which are usually the first parts of a floor to be damaged by wear and tear.

You win and the environment wins too.

Mondoflex has passed the UL ENVIRONMENT tests for over 10,000 volatile chemical compounds (VOCs) and has attained GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold certification. Installing certified sports flooring because of its low VOC emissions means you are actively contributing to sports centers’ air quality. MONDO constantly strives to ensure that its products protect athletes' health and make a positive contribution to their performance both during training and tournaments. In addition, tests performed for the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for LCA analysis show that Mondoflex’s environmental impact is 19% lower than PVC flooring products. Since it is ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 compliant, Mondoflex is considered solid urban waste, so it can be easily disposed in normal landfills.

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Product Variants:

Elastiflex 56.5 mm

Color Range

  • MF61 MAPLE
  • MF21
  • MF25
  • MF40
  • MF10
  • MF18
  • MF33
  • MF30
  • MF62
  • MF90
  • MF70


Thickness: 56.5 mm


  • FIBA Certificate of Approval for Wooden Flooring Category, Level 1, 2 and 3


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