The best floor for shooting hoops

Mondoelastic is FIBA Level 1–certified wooden Area elastic flooring. It is composed of two layers of phenolic plywood with a wooden finish that has high-strength, high-resistance varnish. 

Running, jumping, pivoting. Playing basketball means constant impact with the floor. Mondoelastic is the ideal flooring to help athletes perform their best and avoid injury during training sessions and game-day play.

Several layers for a unique advantage

Mondoelastic has crisscrossed phenolic plywood panels with a wooden finish. This layered construction allows air to circulate under the flooring and between the layers of plywood. The panels enable the system to resist humid conditions and make it ideal for use with in-floor heating systems. Unlike solid wood solutions, Mondoelastic ensures better resistance to temperature changes and optimizes dimensional stability.

Superb shock absorption and uniform ball bounce

The Air Cell® Pads were arranged in collaboration with the Biomechanical Institute in Valencia, Spain, for superb biomechanical shock absorption and consistent ball bounce everywhere on the court.

Takes the weight

The system also was designed to withstand the weight of basketball hoops and the rolling loads of telescopic bleachers.

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Product Variants:

Mondoelastic 62 mm


Thickness: 62 mm


  • FIBA Certificate of Approval for Wooden Flooring Category, Competition Level 1 and 2


Product Sheet

2020-07- Sales Sheet Mondoelastic_it (en)

Mondoelastic Thickness 62 mm Technical Data


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