Ramflex Inlaid Markings

Customization at its best.

Ramflex Inlaid Markings is a double-layered vulcanized rubber flooring. Water jet-cut inlays made from the same material as the system’s tiles but in different colors allow floor areas to be designed with customized markings.

Training with a group can make exercise fun. Ramflex gives everyone the right space.

Give every athlete the right space.

Ramflex Inlaid Markings makes it easy to define separate training areas directly on the flooring. Thanks to its water jet-cut inlays, floor tile markings are the same material as the rest of the surface, ensuring the flooring provides a uniform elastic response throughout its life. 

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Product Variants:

Ramflex Inlaid Markings (Mondo Functional module) 10 mm Ramflex Inlaid Markings


Thickness: 10 mm

Weight: 13.5 kg/m²

Tile Size: 91.35 x 91.35 cm


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Product Sheet

Ramflex Inlaid Markings Thickness 10 mm Ramflex Inlaid Markings Technical Data (it)



DePauw University, USA

USA - DePauw University

LSU Football - Weight - Room, USA

USA - Louisiana State University

New Mexico State University

USA - New Mexico State University

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