Training Turf

Train hard on a soft surface.

Training Turf is a synthetic turf solution combined with a shock-absorbing underlayer to ensure maximum comfort during even the most exhausting workouts. This surface is created with low-abrasive Mondoturf filaments and designed to withstand even the wear and tear of power sleds.

Workouts with power sleds enhance both resistance and explosiveness. But this requires a surface that enables an exerciser to control their energy—and allows only the sled to slide.

Push beyond your limits.

Training Turf is designed to combine softness and resistance: The shock-absorbing underlayer provides optimal support for the use of training sleds, while the surface filament construction minimizes abrasions, enabling comfortable training even when your skin touches the turf.

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Training Turf


Training Turf

Yarn type:

Yarn Height: 10 mm

Yarn Ditex: 6,200 Dtex




All Mondoturf carpets are Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified.


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