The vulcanized top layer integrates a three-dimensional network of pre-vulcanized rubber granules to optimize the elastic response of the entire surface.

The top layer incorporates a three-dimensional network of purpose-made, pre-vulcanized deformable elements, with controlled composition and elasticity, that provides a significant increase in the elastic response of the surface and ensures greater uniformity of dynamic response over the whole track. This minimizes the need for athletes to make posture adjustments and reduces fatigue. It also provides greater stride length control, which is essential for athletes that must run to, and then takeoff from, a specific point, such as hurdlers, long and triple jumpers, pole vaulters and high jumpers.


Mondotrack WS

Speed is a relative concept. Victory is not.

MONDO transformed specific needs of athletes into new technologies and applied them to the MONDOTRACK WS to optimize it for the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Sportflex M Interlock

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Sportflex M

No matter the goal, it can easily be reached.