Two different layers of solid rubber with their own formulations, vulcanized together to form a continuous, seamless piece of material.

The track is composed of two different layers of solid rubber—each with its own formulation—that are vulcanized together. The vulcanization process guarantees a molecular bond between the two layers, resulting in a continuous, seamless piece of material.


Sportflex Super X 720 K41

Intensive training takes to the track.

Sportflex Super X 720 K35

Athletics on the starting blocks.

Sportflex Super X 720 K39

Maximum Comfort and Optimal Performance.

Mondotrack WS

Speed is a relative concept. Victory is not.

MONDO transformed specific needs of athletes into new technologies and applied them to the MONDOTRACK WS to optimize it for the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Reflex HP

The highly versatile flooring solution.

Sportflex M Interlock

Sport wherever you need.


Make your functional training sessions magnetic.


The base for growing a passion.


The soul of a training session.

Sport Impact

Heavy workouts? No worries.

MondoArmor Strength

Passion and performance.

Sportflex M

No matter the goal, it can easily be reached.

Ramflex Inlaid Markings

Customization at its best.

Ramflex Interlock

Easy and quick to install. Incredibly wear-resistant.


Made for runners.