The soul of a training session.

MondoArmor is a double-layered vulcanized rubber flooring with embossed surfaces. With a combination of two layers of different densities, the product resists wear and the weight of sports equipment while providing optimal shock absorption and energy return. 

Functional training can address strength, coordination, performance, speed, or balance.  Such varied workouts call for a versatile and safe solution. They call for MondoArmor.

Strong yet easy to maintain.

MondoArmor is a natural rubber flooring with a vulcanized rubber wear surface and a shock-absorbing underlayer that contains granules of recycled post-consumer synthetic rubber. Its multi-layered construction enables the flooring to resist wear from the weight of sports equipment and the impact of free weights and kettlebells. The non-porous surface makes maintenance easy, and it prevents the absorption of liquids and keeps mold from forming.

An incomparable experience.

There’s no workout this flooring can’t handle. Its perfect grip and sound and shock absorption make it ideal for any type of exercise. Plus, its superior elasticity provides unparalleled anti-fatigue properties and superb comfort. 

Simplicity and safety.

With MondoArmor, no coatings or finishings are required, making installation and maintenance fast and easy. MondoArmor is certified GREENGUARD Gold and has fire ratings of Class 1 in the U.S. and CflS2 in Europe.




MondoArmor 6 mm


  • ME10
  • ME04
  • ME07
  • ME21
  • ME17
  • ME16
  • ME12
  • ME14


厚度: 6 mm

长度: 12 m

高度: 186 cm

重量: 8 kg/m²


  • 绿色卫士认证
  • 绿色卫士金级认证


Brochure 2017 (PDF)



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