Feel the difference.

Premierplus Mondoflex is an area-elastic sports flooring system comprising two layers of phenolic plywood affixed with a rubber surface finish. The system guarantees energy return values greater than 50% due to the flexible expanded polyurethane foam sheet onto which the plywood and the Mondoflex finish are installed.

Victory is at hand, and stability is underfoot. PremierPlus Mondoflex is certified by the International Handball Federation, so it’s ideal for all of the running, pivoting and passing that happens in this fast-paced sport.

A perfect mix

Premierplus Mondoflex comprises two layers of interlinked, screwed, and glued phenolic plywood, onto which the vulcanized, thermally-set rubber-surfaced Mondoflex flooring is installed. The layered construction allows air circulation under the flooring and between the plywood layers. To ensure excellent shock absorption across the entire play area, the system is installed in tiles on a polyurethane foam sheet.

Supreme safety, maximum durability

Premierplus Mondoflex’s smooth surface and anti-reflective finish provide the optimal friction coefficient for pivoting and quick changes of direction. This reduces the risk for injuries from slipping and ensures athletes’ comfort during competitions or throughout long training sessions. Because the surface has no texture or welded joints, it’s easy to clean and maintain. Vulcanization makes the flooring durable and strong, so it withstands intensive use, and along with the surface finish, enables Premierplus Mondoflex to stand up to the frequent cleanings handball courts require.




Premierplus Mondoflex 36.5 mm


  • MF61 MAPLE
  • MF21
  • MF25
  • MF40
  • MF10
  • MF18
  • MF33
  • MF30
  • MF62
  • MF90
  • MF70


厚度: 36.5 mm

重量: kg/m²


  • 2017-2018年合成地板类国际篮联认证2级和3级
  • IHF 2018 Certificate of Approval for Synthetic Floorings


Brochure 2017 (PDF)



Premierplus Mondoflex 厚度 36,5 mm 技术数据 (en)



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