Additional horns


A case unit which includes a set of horns inside, to be used as a complement or as an accessory together with a MONDO scoreboard:

  • COMPLEMENT: To work in conjuntion with Videoscreen+MONDOVIDEO system or ANDROMEDA model, any of them including horns inside.
  • ACCESSORY: To increase the volume of the existing horns in the main scoreboard (PEGASUS, FENIX, ORION, ANTARES PUNTOS, ANTARES DORSAL, TAURO, LIBRA, ARIES). It is very useful for big and crowded sports arenas.

The product is a 900 x 400 x 150 mm steel external case painted in black. Inside the case there are two horns and the compressors. Its weight is 71 kgs for the complete case.

The case top part is closed by mean of a grille allowing the sound going out with louder volume.

The case is normally connected to the MONDO possession scoreboards, due to the fact that the extra horns are usually located over the basketball unit base. If there are no possession scoreboards, the extra horn could be connected to ULISES console or to the main console HERCULES by means of a data cable RS485 (not included).

For large indoor arenas which host top level basketball events, MONDO strongly advises buying two units, one to be located in each of the floor basketball base units.

The unit of extra horns is supplied by means of electric connections of 220 volts /50 Hz.

Maximum current consumption: 325W.

This product has been designed to work as a complement/ accessory of other MONDO indoor scoreboards.

It can only be used together with other MONDO electronic devices as accessories, otherwise it would be consider as a wrong use of the equipment.

MONDO cannot guarantee the desired compatibility between this product and different devices from other companies.


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