ARIES Multisport scoreboard


Multisport electronic scoreboard unit with one single metal structure module.

This scoreboard provides clear and complete information about all the relevant parameters of the game.

The rigid outer metal structure makes it a very solid unit. The metal frame is coated in black goffered polyester powder ovenpolymerised at 200°C.

The luminous digits are made of very high luminosity LEDs with great angularity, which enables them to be seen from any part of the court. The different digits of the scoreboard are manufactured with printed circuit plates where the LEDs, which define the segments, are placed. The displays are located on the front, protected with methacrylate.

Its specific design enables all the electronic components to be operated from the front of the scoreboard, so it does not need to be removed from its location.

Electronically, its design is based on the use of latest-generation microprocessors with programmable internal memory, which enables the scoreboard to be adapted to future changes in regulations.

The scoreboard is controlled with an ULISES console .


  • Home and visitor team scores with 30 cm red-coloured digits.
  • Game period (25 cm digit).
  • Time out indications with 5 luminous dots, with possibility of upgrading to 6.
  • Game time (in minutes/seconds) by means of four 30 cm-green-coloured digits. The game time can be selected to count upwards or downwards depending on the chosen sport. When it works in descending mode, the seconds and tenths of a second are shown during the last minute.
  • Luminous, arrow-shaped indicators, one for each team, show which team has committed the foul or which team has ball possession.
  • Clock and thermometer function when scoreboard is not being used for scoring.


MONDO ARIES can be manufactured with cable or radio frequency communication between the ULISES console and the scoreboard.

Cable communication (MEAUCM)

Cable communication is carried out between the scoreboard and the console with a 100-metre cable, which is supplied with the scoreboard. The protocol used is RS485, a differential data transmision system that reaches large distances without interferences and allows several scoreboards to simultaneously receive the data transmitted by one single console.

Radiofrequency communication (MEAURM)

The following are the general features of radiofrequency communication:

  • Radiofrequency link in commonly-used band (licence-free): 433.05-434.79 MHz
  • Scope of up to 120 metres in direct visibility.
  • Narrow band channels (50KHz), minimising the possibility of interferences.
  • Up to 34 different channels, which allows connecting up to 34 independent scoreboards by radiofrequency in the same premises and controlled by one single console.
  • Manchester code (50% redundancy) plus 25% additional redundant bits, which makes it almost impossible to accept information affected by interferences as valid.
  • Information continuously refreshed, which optimises effectiveness in environments with a high interference level.

MONDO strongly suggests cable communication where the frequency could be affected by other wireless systems. If it’s a radiofrequency scoreboard, MONDO strongly suggests either to install or to storethe 100 m-cable supplied, so it might be used if radiofrequency communication problems appear.


The attractive and ergonomic design of ULISES makes it light and highly resistant at the same time. Easy to handle by one single person, it clearly displays all the game parameters: score, match time, time outs, period and ball possession. High luminosity leds display on the console the same information that is being displayed on the wall scoreboard.

A case is supplied for the console.


ARIES Multisport scoreboard MEAURM (Radiofrequency communication)
ARIES Multisport scoreboard MEAUCM (Cable communication)

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  • FIBA certificate of approval - Scoreboards category


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