FULL RULES 3X3 basketball unit


Unit of portable 3x3 basketball unit manufactured according to FIBA regulations with manual elevation and transport that do not require any additional device. Its special design allows for two different positions: playing position and folded position for storage and transport.

Designed with the latest CAD technologies and finite element analysis to calculate impact absorption and vibrations produced by playing basketball. It is manufactured in steel structural tube.

Its main structure consists of a support arm, two posts and a base.

The arm is made of squared steel tube.

By manually acting over the rear post a folding or unfolding movement of the basketball unit is produced. This movement is helped by gas springs that reduce the strength needed.

The basketball unit has a security bar that runs from the front post to the arm, and serves to immobilize the posts during play and to prevent folding or unwanted shifting of the unit.

The base has a total of 4 retracting wheels and a system of polyurethane supports, allowing the basket to stand perfectly straight on the floor in the playing position. It also makes it quick and easy to move the basket around when folded.

Some additional counterweights can be added to guarantee maximum stability of the basketball unit. These counterweights can be removed to easily move the basketball unit when it’s not being used. However, the placement of these counterweights does NOT EXEMPT from the need to use the floor anchors when the unit is placed in play position. This is the only way to guarantee complete protection against tipping over of the unit.

The tilting ring complies with FIBA regulations. It is characterized by the absence of net hooks and net mesh openings of more than 8 mm to avoid any possibility of player injury.

The glass basketball backboard unit consists of the backboard, the metal frame and the padding.

The backboard which measures 1.05 x 1.8 m., is made of 14 mm thick tempered glass which is formed by using two sheets - one that is 8 mm thick and another that is 6 mm. They are joined together by a PVB sheet which prevents the glass from falling if it breaks during a game. The white markings on the backboard are made of vinyl and are in accordance with game regulations.

The backboard frame is made of a rectangular steel section measuring 50 x 30 mm. There is no direct contact between the steel frame and the glass because there is a neoprene band with a hardness shore of over 30 shore separating the two.

The board has a semi-rigid injected padding of expanded polyurethane, designed to protect players from possibly colliding against the backboard.

The backboard can be vertically and horizontally moved and fixed in a simple manner to assure the correct position during play. The backboard is taken down to facilitate storage of the basketball unit.

All the couplings and joints are made of steel and have been submitted to a zinc-coating treatment. The product is painted using polyester powder paint,
which is applied after a degreasing treatment using a pressurised phosphate bath and cured in an oven at 200ºC

Standard colour: black.


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