LIGHT RULES 3X3 basketball unit


Unit of portable and foldable basketball unit designed for recreational 3x3 basketball game.

It can be used in three different positions:

  • Ring height at 3,05 m (basketball).
  • Ring height at 2,60 m (minibasketball).
  • Folded for transport.

The main components of the basketball unit are the following:

  • Main steel post painted in black. In its rear part it has a knot to fix the position (ring height at 3,05 m or 2,60 m).
  • Post padding in foam covered in PVC canvas, with rear velcro straps for fixing.
  • Reinforced fiberglass polyester backboard (1200 x 900 mm) and steel frame, with a rear mechanism to fold it backwards with a bolt. Padding is made of polyurethane foam.
  • Tilting ring and net.
  • Court number indicator.
  • Steel painted base including:
    • 4 stability counterweights (42 kg each) with handles for easy transport.
    • 2 rubber wheels in the back part of the base and one revolving wheel in the front part.
    • 4 supports, located in each corner of the base. The supports are manually operated with a crank. Once stretched, all the unit weight is distributed among the supports and the wheels remain up.
    • Bolt and mechanism to fold the post backwards are located between the base and the post.

Standard colour: black.


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