Set of outdoor steel handball goal posts


Set of two outdoor steel galvanized and painted goal posts. They have been designed, manufactured and certified to comply with the EN-749 Norm (evaluation by Biomechanical Institute of Valencia) and the requirements of International Handball Federation (IHF approval).

The goal post is comprised of a frame and supporting rear bars.

Two vertical posts and the crossbar are manufactured of a square steel section measuring 80 x 80 mm which makes up the frame of the goal. It is painted in red and white stripes at a pre-set distance established by Handball regulations (20 cm).

The rear frame has one horizontal bar in rectangular cross section shape which provides a more stable base. Two vertical bars in circular sections reinforce the entire structure to keep it stable.

According to European regulations EN- 749, the goal must be fixed to the ground by fastening flanges that will secure the horizontal bars to the ground with appropriate anchors.

The net is attached to the rear frame and the base by a 5 mm diameter metal rod integrated into the structure.

Note: The goal is supplied completely dismounted. Nets and anchors are not included.


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