Our vision: from the athletes, for the athletes.

In almost 70 years of passionate work thousands of athletes competed on MONDO tracks and sports floors reaching outstanding results, breaking world records and overcoming their own limits. It is thanks to their help and constant feedback that we have redefined the standards of sports flooring, setting the benchmark for new achievements to come. A bottom-up mindset that involves the athletes from the very first stage by engineering products shaped on their real needs, made specifically to reach new level of performance.

Today we have the same passion and we look forward to sharing our know-how and experience with customers all around the world and athletes both amateur and professional.

Innovation as a tradition.

MONDO has always pushed the limits of sport performances because we offer unique, high-end products that make us stand out in our marketplace. Our task has always been to engineer and produce specialized high performance solutions for athletes worldwide.

We constantly live by our guiding principles:

  • Manufacturing medium- to high-end products that are durable and functional
  • Providing worldwide sales and representation
  • Strictly complying to technical specifications and environmental standards
  • Supporting all sales with world-class service

We do so by directly interacting with the athletes: we strive to fully understand their needs, we define solutions developed specifically for them starting from the smallest detail. We pursue a market driven innovation in order to ensure a continuous growing content of technology and high quality products.

Our work is built on these strong foundations.

MONDO will always guarantee a broad and ongoing development deeply focused on every single sport: a business model able to grow and change allowing us to diversify and broaden our market and client base.

Our challenge is to offer the best value proposition for each single discipline.

This is what we do.

We listen. We innovate. You win.