MODULE Javelin Vortex

This module has been designed for javelin throwing.

The landing pad has been sized according to track and field federation rules.


Sports equipment does not have to be moved to accommodate the sports in this configuration, so this module can be placed in supervised or unsupervised areas.


Minimum recommended dimensions of the module, including safety areas: 7.80 m x 38.50 m (excluding the javelin throwing area).



Sportflex Super X 720 K35 10.5 mm

Color Range

  • P30
  • P58
  • P10
  • P14
  • P18
  • P85
  • P06
  • P31


Thickness: 10.5 mm

Length: 6÷16 m

Height: 122÷160 cm

Weight: 9.0 kg/m²


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Sportflex Super X 720 K35 Thickness 10,5 mm Technical Data

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