Removable sports flooring installation in just three hours

Concerts, matches, recreational activities ... To adapt to scheduling needs, multi-purpose facilities require agile, safe and high quality systems.

More and more multidisciplinary areas designed to host shows (concerts, circuses, conventions ...) and sports events are built every day. Often these events are concentrated at the weekend, so it is essential to have the opportunity to transform the areas with maximum versatility and agility.

To best respond to the growing need for adaptation, one of the elements to consider carefully is the type of sports flooring. Removable flooring systems must have excellent technical and biomechanical qualities and, at the same time, provide for quick assembly and disassembly systems. In addition, of course, to safety for sports activities.

Quick assembly/disassembly

It often happens that there is very little time between one event and another, perhaps a concert and a basketball match. Modern systems allow installing the sports flooring and its accessories, such as baskets and benches, in just three hours.

Speed is equally important even in the opposite case: it must be possible to dismantle sports flooring quickly and a storage system is necessary to ensure the correct positioning of all the pieces in view of the subsequent assembly.


The fact that a flooring system is removable does not mean that its quality is inferior. On the contrary, high-level matches are often played on these surfaces, which obviously require the highest quality. Optimal levelling of the plates must be ensured, otherwise the players could suffer serious injuries. Furthermore, the bounce of the ball must satisfy the parameters dictated by international regulations, including the degree of dry and wet sliding.

Other parameters to take into consideration are friction, shock absorption, vertical deformation and load resistance. All these aspects are regulated by the European legislation UNI-EN 14904.

Last but not least, a removable floor must be very durable and long-lasting, considering that it will be assembled and disassembled frequently.