Sportflex M, the ground surface for multipurpose outdoor sports fields that goes beyond the highest European quality standards

The Technical University of Valencia has installed a multisport surface for outdoor use, tested and certified by the Biomechanics Institute in accordance with Standard EN 14877:2014.

Sportflex M is a rubber floor surface specifically designed for outdoor sports venues and multipurpose indoor and outdoor systems. The Biomechanics Institute of Valencia (IBV) conducted the official evaluation of the surface, the 11 mm version of which was installed at the beginning of this year by the Technical University of Valencia. On-site tests conducted by the independent laboratory confirmed that the Sportflex M floor surface complies with Standard EN 14877: 2014 (which covers specifications for synthetic surfaces for outdoor sports venues), and the results exceeded the requirements set out by the regulation.

At the start of the year, MONDO resurfaced the external part of the cycle-racing track of the Vera campus, which is part of the Technical University of Valencia. After various civil engineering structural changes, the previous track was removed and more than 2,200 square meters of blue Sportflex M (11mm thick) were installed. Basketball hoops, goals, posts and perimeter netting were installed as well. The IBV checked the quality and compliance with Standard EN 14877:2014 for a volleyball court, basketball court, and a five-a-side pitch/handball court.

Standard EN 14877:2014

Standard EN 14877:2014 lists the regulations for testing synthetic outdoor sports surfaces, both in the laboratory and on site, to guarantee that their efficiency and interaction between athletes and the surface are appropriate for the designated use.

Among the most significant aspects of those regulations is a shock absorption level of at least 25%—the same required since 2006 for multipurpose indoor flooring, including sports surfaces. One of the regulation’s goals is to guarantee quality for the safety and protection of those using outdoor sports venues.

Compliance with this standard is increasingly being required by numerous organizations, including universities that are committed to constantly improving the quality of their sports facilities.

Sportflex M

Designed to provide the best possible combination of slip resistance, rotational friction, comfort, and safety for multipurpose applications, Sportflex M is a synthetic rubber surface made of two layers vulcanized together to produce a unique, seamless product.

For floor exercises, such as calisthenics, athletes need surfaces that correctly support the ligaments during continuous rotational movements and guarantee consistent energy return. Thanks to its two vulcanized layers, Sportflex M ensures the perfect balance between shock absorption and friction coefficient. In addition, its unique surface coating makes this flooring ideal for outdoor installation (guaranteeing efficient rainwater drainage) and in areas of heavy use.