Sports parquet: Four types of flooring with MONDO quality

When deciding which type of parquet flooring to get, you need to consider various factors. How can you be sure to choose the one that is right for you?

The indoor sports facilities that use wood floors are those closely connected to professional sports with greater impact absorption requirements. Sports parquets can have different configurations, but they all have something in common: an elastic sub-base and a surface wood layer—a combination that provides area-elastic behavior to the system with impact absorption (EN 14904) that exceeds 40%. As a result, these systems offer a high degree of protection for the athletes.

Compared with other types of indoor sports floors, wood systems offer optimal impact absorption and other characteristics that are important to athletes. Wood systems are more comfortable during competition, and they offer a sensation of warmth and a natural aesthetic. Furthermore, the combination of an elastic sub-base and wood surface layer allow facilities to use wheeled equipment, such as basketball hoops and bleachers, and is ideal for sports in which athletes use wheelchairs or roller skates.

Wood floors cost more and require greater maintenance than other sports floors, and facilities with them must carefully control humidity and temperature. In addition, in multipurpose facilities that host non-sporting events, their useful life may be reduced.

Wood sports systems

MONDO offers a wide range of indoor sport systems in wood, with multilayer surface finishes that offer many advantages in terms of dimensional stability, combined with different elastic bases.
MONDO systems meet the requirements for different types of facilities and different types of sports.

The entire range of MONDO wood floors is certified by the international basketball federation, FIBA, and meets the guidelines of standard EN14904 (for indoor sports floors) and EN 13501 (which classifies products’ reaction to fire), in addition to the requirements of the REACH regulation.

How do facilities choose the optimal flooring system? During its 70-year history, MONDO has installed numerous wood floors, both for resurfacing existing courts and installing new ones. Here are the MONDO solutions selected by various facilities:

  • Zeta System

This flooring offers maximum comfort due to its sub-base in expanded polyurethane. Its competitive price makes this system perfect for communities and schools that want to improve the perception of the flooring quality and where the main activity is basketball, but where high-level competitions are not held (meaning portable basketball stanchions are not used).
It is the perfect option for multisport facilities where basketball hoops are fastened to the ceiling or walls and offers an excellent price-quality ratio.

  • Mondoelastic

A fixed flooring perfect for indoor multisport facilities that also host high-level competitions, Mondoelastic guarantees uniformity, impact absorption, and energy return due to the flooring’s elastic supports with internal air cells and their particular arrangement, which was studied by MONDO and experts from the Biomechanical Institute in Valencia. Mondoelastic is also designed to perfectly withstand the weight of basketball stanchions and the rolling loads of telescopic bleachers. 

In 2018, this flooring was selected by the Quico Cabrera facilities (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, location of the Women’s Basketball World Cup 2018) as well as the iconic Pedro Delgado facilities in Segovia, the home of Naturpellet Segovia, a series A futsal team.

  • Fast Break System

This is a patented, detachable system that is ideal for high-level basketball and futsal competitions, as well as for multipurpose facilities and dance sports. The flooring features an interlocking system with closeable handles that does not require any special tools to be assembled. This interlocking system also reduces the overall unassembled dimensions, making handling and logistics easier. In addition, the panels around the perimeter can be customized with a selection of slopes and colors; custom logos can also be added.

  • Fast Break System 2

This is the ideal flooring for sports facilities where athletes play high-level handball, volleyball or basketball. Its versatility makes it suitable for use as the permanent flooring or as a base for the temporary installation of removable synthetic flooring. It can be assembled and disassembled very quickly, without compromising the stability of the plates, which satisfies the strict requirements of high-level sport.

It was the flooring used for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Mondo has collaborated with the Technological Institute of Aragona (ITAInnova) to update and optimize the interlocking system between the plates, which further reduces the assembly and disassembly times.