A super fiber for artificial turf for padel courts

In 2016, MONDO collaborated with K·Swiss to develop the STX Supercourt artificial turf system for padel courts. The result is a surface that is stable and safe with an improved response to ball bounce.

The revolution arrived at the MONDO R&S laboratories in Borja (Saragozza) in the form of a curl. The STX Supercourt synthetic grass system’s fiber, which was specifically designed for padel courts, is distinguished by its texturized structure.
Its optimized structure helps retain sand in the carpet and reduce unexpected bounces that can be caused by the accumulation of sand in some parts of the court. Sand is moved naturally by the athletes’ movement during the game.

The STX Supercourt carpet offers greater stability and better bounce response. During the production process for the fiber (which is also available in blue), the number of points per decimeter was increased 15% compared with previous carpets to further optimize tear resistance. The objective of all of these innovations is to reduce as much as possible the impact any external factors related to the court could have on the game — because what counts is the ability of the athletes.

To create the STX Supercourt fiber, MONDO collaborated with K·Swiss, a worldwide leader in the production and sale of padel and tennis footwear.

Product testing included analysis of the carpet’s impact absorption, vertical deformation, linear and rotational friction, and vertical ball bounce. The result? Shoe friction on the court is impeccable, which reduces the risk of injury for the athletes and provides a more regular and uniform ball bounce. As intended, the court truly showcases the athletes’ abilities.