2012 SBS Alumni Event

In Venice, we discuss the present and future of sport.


Saturday, October 27th, in Venice, the SBS Alumni Event, titled "Conversations on Tomorrow." is scheduled on board the ship MSC Divina. It is a talk about the current and future scenarios of sport where were invited Andrea Benetton (Executive VP of Green Sport) and Gianni Petrucci (President of CONI) and, as speakers, Mario De Vivo (Commercial Director of Inter Milan), Cristiano Habetswallner (Head of Sponsorship of Telecom Italy), Leonardo Massa (Italy Country Manager market of MSC) and Luca Valotta (Chairman of Virgin Active Italy). The moderator of the debate will be the journalist Lorenzo Dallari. This year is a special edition, as it is the first to be held after getting his SBS (Sport Business Strategies) Master obtained in May 2012, recognition he got after post-graduate product training at Ca 'Foscari Challenge School. Mondo is a partner of the event since they collaborated with Verde Sport on some projects within their sports park division, The Ghirada, which is home of the Master. In addition, he worked on the project of reporting interesting case studies to be provided in the classrooms.