A day of rematches

In the men's basketball, the battle continues between the first day's winners and losers


The men's basketball tournament will resume today, with the challenge between the first day's winning and losing teams scheduled to hot things up again in the arena. The first competition hosted by the Basketball Arena will be in Group B between China and Russia at 9 am (London time). Another very challenging match for the Chinese team after their defeat against Spain. The Spaniards look to be the favorites in the game against Australia at 11.15 am. The last game of the group will see Brazil, which fought hard to secure a victory against the Australians in the first game, take on Great Britain (4.45 pm). In this case as well, all odds seem to be in favor of the South Americans, however the support of the home crowd could be an extra weapon in the arsenal of the host team. In Group A, at 2.30 pm, Lithuania, after falling to Argentina, will take on Nigeria, which instead secured a victory against Tunisia, albeit by 4 points only. At 8 pm, France, which was able to contrast the American power house, will be slugging it out against Argentina, which put on an excellent performance against the Lithuanians. The day at the Basketball Arena will be topped off by team USA, which could still put on a spectacular show in the apparently predictable game against Tunisia (10.15 pm).