A sterling start

The numbers for the first few days of the Games confirm the success of the event


After the first five days of London 2012, Seb Coe, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, has taken stock of the situation and come up with the figures. In five days, almost 3 million people attended the Games in a cheerful and safe environment where all spectators have been able to waive the flags of their own country without any problems. The Opening Ceremony of July 27 was watched by 27 million viewers on the BBC and each evening session broadcast in the following days recorded an audience of 8 million people. The London 2012 website records around 11 million visitors on a daily basis and 10 million people have downloaded the Olympics applications designed for smartphones and tablets. “Isle of Wonder”, the sound track of the Opening Ceremony, is at the top of the charts of the most downloaded albums on the web. Meanwhile, the excitement is rising for the upcoming track and field competitions, scheduled for Friday, August 3. It is shaping up to be an extraordinary weekend with a “Super Saturday” where as many as 21 gold medals will be awarded. 'I'd like to say thank you again to (the public) for providing such a special atmosphere for the athletes,' said Seb Coe.