British pride

The Organizing Committee is enthusiastic after the first half of the Games


The London 2012 Organizing Committee has taken stock of the situation at the half-way mark of the Olympic Games. The people's enthusiasm and great participation has not waned after the first few days, as shown by the five million spectators who watched the competitions from the stands of the sporting facilities and the over one million visitors hosted by the Olympic Park since the start of the Games. “We have done our best to create the best possible environment for athletes to compete in. It has all been done with the primary objective of giving athletes a chance to express themselves in the best possible way at such a crucial moment of their life”, said Seb Coe, Chairman of the Organizing Committee. Commenting on the “Super Saturday”, which saw as many as 25 gold medals being awarded to Great Britain, Seb Coe defined it as “the greatest day of sport I have ever witnessed”. A success on the web as well, with the London 2012 web site becoming the most visited sports web site in the world, with 25 million visits on Saturday alone. “I’m very proud of the show the U.K. is putting on, of the tremendous performance of our athletes; very proud of my team, which has given its heart and soul to these Games over the last seven years. I am also very proud of our brilliant volunteers who seem to be having an extraordinary impact on everyone they meet”, said Paul Deighton, CEO of the Organizing Committee.