Dominating the home court

Trento wins again at home and are on the verge of title.


It was played in Trento, an indoor stadium completely exhausted, Game 3 of the final for the title of Champions of Italy in the 2013 men's volleyball, game dominated by Itas Diatec Trento, which has prevailed 3-0 on Copra Elior Piacenza with these partial: 25-12, 25-18, 25-19. The success of Trento was clear, immediately putting Piacenza in crisis, which, unlike Game 2, has failed to make the most of their rosters. Only in the first part of the third set was there balance on the court. The main star of the game was Osmany Juantorena, spiker of Trento. Game 4 Piacenza and Trento will be played on Sunday, May 5th, in case of victory, could be the day of the third title. All final games will be played on the Mondoflex Performance court.