The pandemic crisis linked to the spread of Covid-19 only postponed the appointment with the 9th Città di Savona-Memorial Giulio Ottolia Meeting, scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday, July 16th, by a few months.
Mondo is proud to be Official Supplier of this event, that is a synonym  of a restart for high-level athletics in Italy. The event organized by Cus Savona and Cus Genova will traditionally have a first-rate cast, set up by the organizing director of the meeting Marco Mura: a flurry of races of great technical value, condensed into two hours full of emotions.
The Mondo track of the Fontanassa stadium in Savona, Mondotrack SX, was installed in 2012. The Meeting was renamed just that year in memory of Giulio Ottolia and for 8 years now the Fontanassa track has been making the history of Italian athletics with firsts and excellent performances, especially as regards to jumps and sprints, with three Italians records set by Tortu on the 100 meters.
Mondotrack is the spearhead of the Mondo track range: made in its first version for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, it recorded 5 world records on that occasion. The Mondotrack range has evolved over the years, from SX to WS for the Rio Olympics in 2016, and then the WS-TY (2019) version, installed in the Tokyo Olympic Stadium ready to welcome athletes next year who will participate in the long-awaited Olympic Games.
Mondotrack is the result of continuous and constant research and development, the pride of the Piedmontese company and tangible proof of an approach based on close collaboration with athletes, coaches and sports federations: a daily dialogue with those who play sports lives daily, in order to collect their needs and transfer them to research laboratories and production sites, which thus develop sports flooring that can give concrete answers, able to improve individual performances. On this page we have collected only some of the testimonies of our innovative work approach. In regards to athletics specifically, we recently worked with Ferraro, Polanco and Manenti, athletes that will compete as well in few days in Savona, to study the characteristics necessary for an excellent training track ; the summary of the work carried out can be deepened on this page.
The Fontanassa track has recently undergone a meticulous cleaning session that has guaranteed better results in terms of product performance and durability: the positive results have been collected in this text.
At the Savona event, Mondo will be present not only with the track, but also with the sports equipment supplied in previous years.
The names of the athletes participating in the event are, as every year, of high caliber: Larissa Iapichino, Filippo Tortu, Marcell Jacobs, Leonardo Fabbri, up to Davide Re and Elena Vallortigara; we are extremely happy to be able to see Re and Vallortigara back on track, to which in March, in the middle of the lockdown period, Mondo provided some sections of a professional track sufficient to carry out training exercises safely at home. To learn more, here is the article published on the company website.

Davide Re reminds us of the meet for July 16th: watch his interview!