The history of athletics

Barcelona hosts the exhibition of the IAAF centennial.


From Saturday, October 13 to Sunday, November 25, 2012, the Olympic Sport Museum Joan Antoni Samaranch Barcelona hosts the Historical Exposition for the centenary of the IAAF. Installed on a track specially made by Mondo for the occasion, there are eight displays called "lanes" tracing the history of the IAAF and athletics, with text, photos and video: lane 1 is devoted to the history of the Association and of its founders, lane 2 recalls the greatest athletes in the Olympic Games and the World Athletics Series, lane 3 is the development of the IAAF competition program, lane 4 recalls the most important results obtained in athletics in every continent; lane 5 recounts the struggle for parity in female and male athletics; lane 6 describes the progress made over the years on tracks, clothing and sports equipment; lane 7 is dedicated to the greatest moments and the greatest track and field athletes of the last 100 years; and lane 8 is meant to be a glimpse into the future, the development of athletics in the next 100 years. The exhibition displays are connected by numerous glass cases containing more than 300 souvenirs provided by athletes, museums and private collections around the world. They range from coins and vases dating from 256 BC up to race numbers and clothing of gold medal athletes at London 2012. There are also examples of equipment for athletics, old and new, most important are those provided by Mondo which is a Sponsor Partner of the IAAF.