Work in progress

In Padua working on a new Mondo track to bring the large indoor athletics to the Venetian city.


Work has begun installation of the new indoor track athletics of Padau. The work started with the assembly of the structure of the outer ring. The framework should be finished within two weeks, after which it will move to the installation of the track over the frame and the straight aways. The track, elevated and dismantled, is a Mondotrack 13.5 mm, light blue and beige. Athletes will have six lanes with a central parterre, two platforms for the long jump and triple, and a platform for the pole vault. The design of the track was done by Mondo, on basic scheme devised by the technical department of the Municipality of Padua, in the persons of the engineer and the engineer Benementi Rossi. The instatlltion company is Posalba. The completion of the work, the work of Sartori Company, is scheduled for December 1,  2013.