World Athletics Indoor Tour 2021

The indoor athletics season is upon us


The World Athletics Indoor Tour, which is now entering its sixth year, is a series of the very best one-day professional indoor track and field competitions in the world. Each season, athletes can score points in selected circuit disciplines. At the conclusion of the tour, the athlete with the most points earns the overall World Athletics Indoor Tour title in the event, a US$ 10,000 prize, and an automatic entry into the following World Athletics Indoor Championships. In addition, this year World Athletics is expanding the indoor calendar with the introduction of three tiers of competition – Gold, Silver and Bronze – comprising 26 meetings spread across 12 countries in Europe and North America. The expanded schedule will broaden the geographical spread of meetings around the world and incorporate additional area level competitions. In North America, this will include the American Track League, which will feature three Silver and Bronze level meetings in January and early February.
The World Athletics Indoor Tour, which features the five Gold level meetings of 2021, will begin in Karlsruhe, Germany, on January 29th and the series will end in Madrid, Spain, on  February 24th.

Out of the 5 locations 4 are equipped with a Mondo track: Lievin, Boston, Torun and Madrid.
Due to the pandemic, the current plans are provisional, so dates and venues could change as the season approaches.

Calendar – World Athletics Indoor Tour - Gold:

  • Jan. 29– Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Feb.  9– Lievin, France
  • Feb. 13 – Boston, USA
  • Feb. 13 – Torun, Poland
  • Feb. 24 – Madrid, Spain

For more info please visit World Athetics Indoor Tour website.  

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