Used daily by many sportsmen and sportswomen, both for training and for official men's and women's competitions, the Paul Lardenais sports hall in Mexy needed a new floor. For greater playing comfort and optimal sports performance, but also for its hygienic and environmental qualities, our Powerplay P2 vulcanised rubber sports floor  was chosen.

The new sports flooring of the Paul Lardenais multi-purpose gymnasium in Mexy

On the occasion of this renovation project in 2021, the municipality of Mexy wanted to equip the Paul Lardenais sports complex with a multi-sport floor that was competitive, durable and environmentally friendly, with the aim of offering the best playing comfort and performance to local futsal, handball, volleyball, basketball and five-a-side football athletes, as well as players from other clubs who use the arena for official or friendly matches.

After comparing the solutions offered by different suppliers of sports equipment and flooring, the mayor and former president of the Mexy Handball Sporting Club, Frédéric Wilmin, explained the reasons for choosing Mondo technology. Given the technical characteristics and quality requirements of this multi-purpose sports project, our Powerplay P2 multi-sport flooring was installed in this multi-purpose gym.

Powerplay P2: vulcanised rubber indoor sports flooring

The installation of Powerplay P2 sports flooring in the Paul Lardenais sports complex in Mexy is anything but a coincidence. The many advantages offered by this Mondo sports technology made all the difference, especially in terms of sports performance but also in terms of environmental friendliness and durability.

Greater playing comfort and better sports performance

The name Powerplay P2 refers to the P2 category of the EN 14904 standard, which specifies a shock absorption rate of 35% to 45%. This technical achievement of our rubber is achieved by combining the Powerplay rubber surface with our Everlay® High Protection shock-absorbing underlay, which guarantees perfect stability.

Since the first training sessions and matches on this approved playing surface, the level of cushioning of the new flooring, which is significantly better than the old surface, has impressed the players of Mexy Handball Sporting Club. The high level of cushioning not only protects the joints at every impact and reduces the risk of injury in the event of a fall to the ground, but also makes the game more comfortable.

In particular, the athletes interviewed highlighted the excellent grip offered by the Powerplay P2 floor, which allows them to enjoy solid footing even in slippery or wet shoes. They also noticed a better quality of thrust than before, allowing them to jump higher while enjoying a softer landing. For athletes who train daily and compete weekly, these are the details that make all the difference.

Testimonies confirm the qualities of sports flooring

We have collected in this video the testimonies of those who have chosen sports flooring and who are using it now: athletes and coaches, watch the complete interview!

An ecological composition that respects the health of athletes

Composed of 25% organic polymers from biomass, non-petroleum vulcanised natural rubber, our Powerplay P2 sports floor also contains more than 10% recycled raw materials. In addition, it contains no contaminants or substances hazardous to humans and the environment, which are included in the official REACH list of substances of very high concern.

In their Environmental Product Declaration, independent experts have documented the environmental impact and resource and energy savings for each stage of the life cycle of this multi-sports floor covering, from production to installation and future recycling. Certified Greenguard Gold, Powerplay P2 flooring also features low emissions of volatile compounds and air pollutants, helping to improve indoor air quality throughout the year.

Completely waterproof and non-porous thanks to its compact rubber surface, this indoor multi-sports floor is a natural barrier to moisture, liquids, sweat and bacteria, which are 99.99% destroyed within 24 hours according to the ISO 22196 health standard. It is also easy to clean and disinfect, thus meeting the current hygiene standards required for sports facilities. For all these reasons, Mondo Powerplay P2 sports technology has proven to be a highly environmentally friendly and health conscious solution for athletes.

The MONDO range of indoor multisport flooring includes combined rubber systems, rubber sports surfaces and certified vinyl. MONDO sports floors are suitable both for high-competition multisport fields, as well as for multisport halls and gymnasiums.

Discover MONDO sports flooring range for multisport arenas and contact us to find together the solution that's right for you.



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