Inauguration of the new track: 2012
Stadium capacity: 5,000
Management: A.S.D. Student Athletics Ca.Ri.Rieti

Sport Architecture

The new athletics track of Raul Guidobaldi Stadium was built, as usual, by Mondo. The results obtained during the Junior European Championships confirm that Rieti continues to be the perfect place to set new records.


The Mondo tradition continues

There are sports facilities that, for the results obtained over the years, have become places particularly loved by athletes. Among these there is undoubtedly the Raul Guidobaldi Stadium in Rieti, which during the athletic meetings that are hosted each year in early September, has recorded an important number of personal and world records, especially in the middle distance races. By tradition, the Rieti athletics track has always been made with Mondo surfaces and the tradition has been respected even in 2012, when it was decided to replace the old track with a new Mondotrack.

Two tracks in one

The occasion for the renewal of the athletics track was the awarding of the Junior Athletics Junior Championships to the city of Rieti. In order not to be caught unprepared, the organizers, the same of the meeting, decided to move well in advance asking Mondo to create a track that was not only as fast as ever, but also met the needs of those athletes on that track they run all year to train. "The fact is that the Meeting, or events like the junior Europeans, are held only one day a year, while for the remaining period the track is used by those who train - explains Giampaolo Gola,  Mondo Area Manager -. In this way, a very high performance surface, the day after the race is to be trampled by hundreds of people, including children. For this reason the request was to create a track that was both reactive for competition and soft for training. With the Mondotrack 13.5mm we tried to combine the two things as much as possible, guaranteeing performance during the race, but also the comfort needed for training ".

Over 300 personal records

At the conclusion of the Junior European Championships, which recorded as many as 300 personal records, it can be said that the new track has fully maintained its promise of speed. Also from the point of view of training, the result seems to be excellent. Without a doubt better than the past tracks. "The track is exceptional, very fast and, compared to the previous one, turns out to be much softer. Some top athletic trainers in the past had complained about the old track, saying it was too hard and that it hurt the tendons. They even had a runway completed for training; but since the new one, there is no longer anyone to train on the runway. And then it is also beautiful to see, the image from above of the blue and gray track surrounded by greenery is beautiful ", comments Prof. Andrea Milardi of the Ca.Ri.Rieti Student Athletics, responsible for the sports club. Now we have to wait for the next Rieti meeting , scheduled for September 8th 2019, to see the top athletes put to the test the new Mondo track, hoping to see some World Records broken, as per the tradition of the meeting .

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