Jincheon National Training Center and Korea Paralympic Committee Icheon Training Center

More than just championships and Olympics: MONDO tracks are also the training tracks that athletes and professionals prefer.

In order to get the most out of a race, you have to put the most into training; and the best way to do it is to put yourself to the test on a specially adapted track.
Jincheon National Training Center and Korea Paralympic Committee Icheon can attest to this and in the same way, all the other training centres where Mondo has landed offer athletes a twofold advantage: getting used to a high-performance body-track combination; doing so in total safety, protecting themselves from injury thanks to the biomechanical properties of MONDO surfaces.

The training track at Jincheon National Training Centre: outstanding features for optimal (and safe) performance

From training to competition, there is only one formula for the perfect track and that is the MONDO fast track, made of rubber and an optimal combination of speed, shock absorption and support.
There is another key element that enhances the value of this system: is the honeycomb backing (made up of air-filled hexagonal cavities) that ensures maximum performance for the athlete as well as the right degree of cushioning.
This is indeed cutting-edge cushioning, scientifically formulated with great precision to give maximum comfort and minimum effort to the athlete, who can also count on an optimal dynamic response which is translated into those crucial millimetres added to the stride length.

A perfect track record, then, which brought the MONDO track to the centre of national training in Jincheon.

With 85,000 square metres of athletics track, Mondotrack WSJincheon National Training Center is one of the largest sports complexes in the world and Korea's national training centre. Thanks to the important collaboration with the Korean dealer AMS Corporation, which acted as intermediary with the clients and oversaw the laying of the flooring, the MONDO product became the surface of the eight lanes of the athletics track circuit on which the athletes will have the opportunity to practice and test their limits.

Korea Paralympic Committee Icheon Training Center: when training on the MONDO track means beating times (and records)

Paralympic Committee Icheon Training Center, training centre for many para-athletes, also opened the doors to the installation of a MONDO athletic track with Sportflex Super X 720 that on this occasion has combined speed and accessibility (a project that MONDO is not unfamiliar with).

In this case, finding the right combination of materials and structural properties of the track played a key role; and in particular, for wheelchair athletes, a different type of track-tyre combination and the ultimate goal of providing a uniform surface with excellent dynamic response was considered.

Taking these factors into consideration, MONDO responded to the athletes with a surface that was optimised in terms of grip and glide (even in the rain), as well as an energy return that reduced the likelihood of strain injuries to muscles and ligaments.

A training track that will soon also be certified as World Athletics Class 1, making it an internationally recognised competition track.

But beyond purely technical factors, the reason the managers chose a MONDO surface was the desire to use the same material that will be present at the Olympics.
This is a very important advantage for those who will be able to get to know and interact with a MONDO track in advance.
What better way, then, to achieve excellent results at official competitions than to train on tracks that are attuned to the priorities of each and every athlete?

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