Year of installation: January 2014 
Size: 1,456 sqm 
Sports: 5 soccer, basketball, handball


The French town Combs la Ville hosts the first soccer pitch made ​​with the new system Mondoturf Monofibre 4NX 12 45 AS, which is a synthetic turf virtually identical to one of natural grass.


The first field with 4NX fiber

In 2012, when the City Council of the boys, an institution formed by young people elected from the various colleges of the city, city officials proposed to the French town of Combs la Ville a plan for the installation of a synthetic turf field at the municipal sports complex Salvador Allende, no one would imagine that this field would be so  special. For the first time, in fact, precisely Combs la Ville is installed the system Monofibre 4NX 12 45 AS.

Located in the south eastern suburbs of Paris, the complex Salvador Allende is the ideal place to test the features of the new system Mondoturf, made ​​with the innovative filament 4NX: "It is an open field with free access after hours reserved for schools. It is impossible to make an accurate count of the people who use it every day, but the students are already 300 to 400 appearances a week, and also in the remaining time is used a lot. The field was desired to promote the practice of team sports and the choice of synthetic turf serves to provide greater comfort to those who use it, "said Jean-Philippe Galano, technical director of the town of Combs la Ville. The new filament 4NX assures the field of life expectancy ranging from 12 to 15 years, according to the terms of use.

A "living" fiber

The duration is only one of its features, which makes the last generation 4NX filament special and different from other products is its resilience. In the case of the filaments of synthetic grass, the elastic capacity allows the blades to  "rebound "after being trampled.

"This thread really takes the characteristics of natural grass, it is almost a living. After it is crushed it straightens very quickly. This is important both for the aesthetic appearance of the fields, and for ease of maintenance, in terms of the grooming and maintenance of the field. We come from generations of artificial turf that were already doing well, but often have this problem: when the filaments were trampled remained somewhat 'flattened, "says Andrea Del Gaudio, Outdoor Division of Mondo France.

Presented at the FSB fair in Cologne in October 2013, the 4NX owes its innovative performance characteristics and structure to the polymer with which it was made and developed by the Mondoturfting Research Center.

It is easier to install

The field of synthetic Combs la Ville was installed in January, an unusual choice for climatic reasons, from November until March the turf for a field outside is not normally laid in northern Europe. Can be installed at any time of the year is another of the advantages offered by the high resilience of the new fiber 4NX.

"The installation of Combs la Ville was an easier installation compared to other, due to the fibers remaining very straight during the infill. When the weather is cold and wet, it is more difficult to fill up the mantle with fillers, but if the blades are very straight it is clear that this process of 'seeding' is easier, "says Del Gaudio.

The installation required the intervention of three members: a team leader and two technical specialists

Not only soccer 5. The Complex field of Salvador Allende was initially designed for football to 5, but the installation of a system with a very resilient fiber also allows the practice of other sports, such as basketball and handball. Feature confirmed by Andrea Del Gaudio: "Yes it is true, the field is born for soccer in 5, but we have drawn the lines for basketball and handball. The particular structure of the yarn 4NX allows a better use for that sport, basic, are not meant to be practiced on artificial turf. "

New Color

The installation of the field lasted a total of only a couple of weeks and the municipality of Combs la Ville said they was very satisfied with the work done by the engineers of the company Gazon Express, the company that was responsible for the installation of synthetic turf and management. Very positive comments were also expressed about the new Mondo fiber color choice, which is considered much more modern. "The new color of the grass is very nice and trendy. Although the fiber is thicker (400 microns, ed), to improve the resistance, the seams are not seen and the surface is pleasant to the touch, "said Philippe Prins of Gazon Express.
Installed in an area of ​​1,456 square meters, in the end the new  Mondo turf wowed not only those who have tried it, but also those who have installed.


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