The Plus Ultra pavilion of La Guancha is renewed

Twenty years on, history is repeating itself: the sports pavilion “Plus Ultra” in the municipality of La Guancha (north of Tenerife) was recently renovated and, just like two decades ago, has opted once again for a MONDO surface.

The colours and measurements of the surface are the same as the previous one, but this time the  rubber flooring Mondoflex II  provides the backdrop to the games and training sessions of all those who use the facility, including the Guancha Basketball Club and CEIP students.

Thanks to its unique characteristics, the Mondoflex II surface has the potential to give the "Plus Ultra" many more years of great sporting performance.

Mondoflex II: long-term durability and maximum performance

Mondoflex II is 7.5 mm thick flooring, ideal for playing fields where the action never stops. This is the case with the "Plus Ultra", which is used by many users throughout the year.

This means that the surface is under continuous stress, which makes it essential to provide players with a durable, wear-resistant, high-performance and health-safe surface.

Mondoflex II makes the grade on all counts: it offers shock absorption values of more than 25% (Category P1 according to EN14904), it guarantees a constant energy return over the entire surface and, as it has Greenguard and Greenguard Gold, it ensures compliance with the requirements for the emission of volatile organic compounds.

These characteristics derive from the combination of two layers of natural and synthetic rubber combined, during the production phase, with an elastic foam underlay.

In particular, the composition and different elasticities of the layers combined with the elastic bottom layer provide uniform load distribution, immediate kinetic response and enhanced shock absorption compared to conventional surfaces.

Finally, the surface layer is non-slip and anti-reflective, making it ideal for accompanying the movements and actions of athletes on the field.

In order to maintain the qualities of Mondoflex II, a vulcanisation process is used to make the rubber even stronger and prevent it from hardening (which often happens when using other types of synthetic materials).

For the "Plus Ultra" field, a 1.2 mm Everlay Protection fibreglass insulating and stabilising sheet was used in combination with the Mondoflex II floor covering.

The system is, therefore, even better protected because the sheet provides insulation against moisture and, consequently, a longer product life. 

The game continues . . . for football too

With the renovation of the "Plus Ultra", the door was opened to another project: the renovation of the "Montefrio" football pitch, also located in La Guancha. The pitch will be equipped with the latest generation of artificial grass using Mondoturf 4NX turf, as well as new MONDO equipment (including 11-a-side goals, portable 7-a-side goals and corner flags).

Twenty years later, the renovation of two sports facilities in the municipality of La Guancha marks a new chapter for all athletes who use Mondo's surfaces.
Many years of training, matches and top performances are expected.

To best create the facilities that will host training and competitions, MONDO designs and installs flooring and equipment for basketball, volleyball, handball, futsal and multipurpose fields. We provide 360 ° indoor sports materials: a range of durable and versatile solutions, performing and safe, easy to assemble and with minimal maintenance requirements that determine the quality of the sports halls in which they are installed and make it a better space for both athletes and spectators. Contact us.

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