Zeta System

Wood becomes multifunctional.

Zeta System is a FIBA Level 1-certified area-elastic sports system consisting of a single layer of phenolic plywood cut into floor panels affixed with a wood flooring and finished with a high-resistance varnish. The system is cushioned by a flexible polyurethane mat, supplied in tiles.

Success in basketball requires precision, rapid ball exchanges and quick stops and starts. Good flooring plays an important role, helping players to change direction and providing uniform ball bounce across the entire court. Just like Zeta System, which offers balanced energy return and optimum playing comfort during both games and practices.

Wood and cushioning: the perfect multilayer combination.

Zeta System is a multilayer system that combines different elastic responses and reacts consistently to ball bounce, jumping, running, and stops and starts.

The system has a wood (beech or oak) surface finish treated with high-resistance varnish to guarantee excellent ball grip and directional changes. It also makes the playing surface easy to clean.

The finish, which is both flexible and resilient, is affixed to a layer of phenolic plywood that is cut into panels.

This rests on a flexible polyurethane mat that provides excellent cushioning and guarantees uniform shock absorption and optimal player comfort across the entire playing surface.

Zeta System is also a good solution when floor heating has been installed because it ensures that the heat is continuously and evenly distributed over the whole surface.

Perfect for professional-level play, this flooring is also suitable for multi-purpose sports centres.

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Product Variants:

Zeta System 41 mm


Thickness: 41 mm


  • FIBA Certificate of Approval for Wooden Flooring Category, Competition Level 1 and 2


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