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Supercourt XN™  is a cutting-edge artificial turf system composed of texturized STX monofilaments with a central spine and texturized XNOVA monofilaments, with a parallelogram-shaped structure and concave sides that form 4 grooves and 4 asymmetrical ribs, and silica sand infill.

MONDO has developed the Supercourt XN™ system specifically for the centre court of the World Padel Tour, where it will be an official product from January 2021, to offer sports clubs the same performance levels as professionals.

Designed in collaboration with the world’s largest paddle circuit, Supercourt XN™ further improves playing speed and bounce, thanks to the exclusive formulation of the texturized XNOVA monofilaments and their combination with texturized STX monofilaments.

SUPERCOURT XN™: The turf of champions.

The texturized combined fibre turf, SUPERCOURT XN™, was created in 2020 as the result of a collaboration between MONDO laboratories and the World Padel Tour.

Ideal for indoor or outdoor installation, this innovative synthetic turf system for padel courts offers maximum consistency in angular and vertical bounce, before and after impact with the glass.

The reduction in linear and rotational friction, as a result of the exclusive formulation of the XNOVA monofilaments, guarantees perfect ease of movement for players.

The combination of the two complementary texturized monofilaments optimizes the dimensional memory of the turf as well as impact absorption as a result of the joint action of the two different filament shapes.

The texturized fibres keep the sand inside the turf and improve the stability of the court, while also reducing fibre and ball wear.

All of the system filaments are made of 100 % polythene (PE) and are lubricated to minimize the risk of abrasion if players slip during a game.

A safe, high-quality system that offers the same level of performance and look enjoyed by champions.


Product Variants:




Filaments name:

Texturized monofilaments with central spine + Texturized monofilaments with parallelepiped structure and four asymmetrical ribs

Pile height: 10 mm

Yarn Ditex: 8,610 Dtex

Infill: Sand

Carpet Color Range

  • RED
  • BLUE


  • ITF Category 3 – Medium
  • ESTC EMEA Synthetic Turf Council Full Member

All Mondoturf carpets are Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified.


Product Sheet

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