Polyethylene monofilament with a semi-concave structure with three asymmetrical ribs and a thickness of 420 microns

5NX is a low-density polyethylene monofilament with a thickness of 420 microns and a semi-concave cross-section with three asymmetrical ribs, developed in collaboration with the Istituto Tecnologico d’Aragon (ITA) and manufactured entirely by MONDO at its factory in Borja.

Its extra thickness gives the 5NX filament the rigidity needed to maximise ball roll control, making play more like that on natural grass surfaces. At the same time, the ratio of filament volume to filament surface area exposed to wear and solar radiation is increased which improves durability.

The three asymmetrical ribs act as tensioning elements in the filament, maximising its dimensional memory, i.e. its capacity to return to its original shape when pressure is exerted by the ball and players.
Due to this special feature, the 5NX filament has a very low tendency to fibre matting. The result is a better quality of play and less need for maintenance.

The three asymmetrical ribs absorb most of the strain caused by deformation, reducing stress on the thinnest part of the filament, which also improves durability.


5NX 17 AC EF

Maximum control over the match.


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