Nike Grind vulcanized rubber granule, made from the soles of pre-consumer Nike running shoes. The soles of Nike running shoes are mechanically pressed into the ideal form and granulometry so as to be used in MONDO surfaces and performance infills.

Nike and MONDO, ahead of the game, also in terms of environmental sustainability.


MONDO and Nike have collaborated with one another to create Nike Grind granules, obtained from recycled athletic shoes that find a useful second life through new applications.

The combination of MONDO’s raw materials and the Nike Grind granules, selected for their shape and granulometry, makes it possible to create running tracks and performance infills for synthetic turf systems that combine aesthetics, innovative technical characteristics, and safety.

Free of potentially toxic substances, MONDO products with Nike Grind have received the GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold certifications for their sustainability and their environmentally friendly properties.

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