An artificial turf system that combines the new texturized XNOVA monofilaments with the texturized STX monofilaments.

The MONDO laboratories, in collaboration with the World Padel Tour, have developed Supercourt XN, the new synthetic turf that was specifically designed for padel courts.

This system combines two complementary texturized monofilaments, STX and XNOVA, to guarantee padel players an optimized playing speed and improved bounce.

The Supercourt XN turf is composed of texturized STX monofilaments with a 250 micron central spine combined with texturized XNOVA monofilaments, as well as a parallelogram-shaped structure and concave sides that form 4 grooves and 4 asymmetrical ribs that provide lateral reinforcement.

The thickness and width of the XNOVA filaments are perfectly balanced (160 microns and 0.8 mm respectively).

Thanks to the combination of the two monofilaments with different yet complementary shapes and the exclusive polymeric formulation of the XNOVA filaments, the dimensional memory of the turf as well as impact absorption have been optimized.

Furthermore, the reduction in linear and rotational friction guarantees greater ease of movement for players and maximum consistency in angular and vertical bounce.

The texturized filaments fully encapsulate the sand inside the turf, minimizing fiber and ball wear as a result of rubbing against the sand.

All the system's filaments are made of 100% polyethylene (PE) and are lubricated and treated with special additives that make the product highly resistant to UV rays and changing weather conditions.



World Padel Tour Official Product