An artificial turf system that combines the new XNOVA monofilaments with 4NX monofilaments and Monofeel filaments with a straight pre-fibrillated structure.

Mondoturf artificial turf surfaces with X3 system are created by combining the following:

  • XNOVA monofilaments that have a parallel-piped structure and concave sides that form four grooves and act as lateral reinforcement. These monofilaments are 270 microns thick and 1.2 mm wide.
  • 4NX monofilaments that have a semi-concave structure and three asymmetrical ribs that have a thickness of 400 microns and a width of 1 mm.
  • Monofeel filaments that have a straight, pre-fibrillated structure.

The combination of monofilaments (XNova and 4NX) and pre-fibrillated filaments (Monofeel) gives the surface excellent dimensional memory: the fibers quickly revert to their original position after player or ball contact. The optimal resilience of the fibers also enables improved ball bounce and roll control.

The Monofeel fibrillated filaments also helps to keep the filler within the system, and the high density of the fibers, minimizes granule migration during play.

The three shades of green also give the X3 turf a concentrated, nuanced look, similar to a natural grass surface.