An artificial turf system that combines 3 new straight XNOVA monofilaments with 3 straight 5NX monofilaments and 8 textured XNOVA TEXT monofilaments.

Mondoturf artificial turf surfaces with X3T PLUS 22™ system are created by combining:

  • 3 straight 5NX monofilaments, with a semi-concave section and three asymmetrical ribs, with a thickness of 420 microns and a width of 1 mm;
  • 3 straight XNOVA monofilaments, with parallelepiped section with concave sides forming four grooves and four asymmetrical ribs, acting as lateral reinforcement, with a thickness of 270 microns and a width of 1.2 mm;
  • 8 XNOVA TEXT texturised monofilaments with a parallelepiped section and concave sides which form four grooves, acting as lateral reinforcement; these are 160 microns thick and 0.8 mm wide.

In the X3T PLUS 22™ system, the different filaments act in a combined manner to ensure high levels of play performance and durability of the pitch.

The 420 micron thickness gives the 5NX monofilaments the necessary rigidity to guarantee excellent ball roll control.

The dimensional memory of the surface is ensured by its morphology; the 5NX filaments feature 3 asymmetrical ribs, and the XNOVA filaments have an exclusive polymer formulation: accordingly, the monofilaments quickly recover their original shape after the players and the ball pass by, improving the consistency of play, as the surface does not stay crushed.

Furthermore, the parallelepiped section and the increased width (1.2 mm) of the XNOVA filaments contribute to the softness of the surface, minimising the risk of abrasion injuries in the event of slips and falls.

The textured filaments of the X3T PLUS 22™ system acts like a spring, compressing and then quickly returning to their original state.

The combination of this elastic effect with the action of the cushioning underlay improves shock absorption and renders the use of performance fillers superfluous.

The system is therefore free from microplastics and is simply stabilised with silica sand.

X3T PLUS 22™ systems also reduce the maintenance of the pitch, eliminating the need for frequent brushing.

The resilience of the monofilaments and the textured fibres encapsulate the sand within the surface, helping to keep the filler within the system and resulting in a uniform pitch.

The surfaces made from X3T PLUS 22™ fibres last longer over time. Even if crushed by the ball or players, the filaments quickly return to their vertical position: this ensures that only the tips are exposed to wear from shoes and to the effects of sunlight, which effectively protects the rest of the filament from wear.


The combination of three shades of green also gives the X3T PLUS 22™ turf an intense, nuanced appearance, similar to that of a natural grass surface.



Performance without infill.