Il throw center di Jena è tra i centri di eccellenza europei dedicati alla formazione e all'allenamento per il lancio del giavellotto. Nato alla fine del 2015, grazie al Team JenJavelin della LC Jena, è oggi un punto di riferimento per i giavellottisti di tutto il mondo, a partire dagli atleti che si allenano per i campionati mondiali di Doha 2019.

All the javelin throwers who come to the center can benefit from the experience and expertise of the JenJavelin Team members: trainers Harro Schwuchow and Petra Felke, and Olympicjavelin thrower Thomas Röhler.

It was the team's desire to resurface the throw center’s runways that led to the collaboration between the JenJavelin Team and MONDO.

Röhler, who won a gold medal on a Mondotrack during the 2016 Rio Games, wanted the same surface on which he will compete in Doha to replace the asphalt surface at the training center.


Therefore, MONDO and the JenJavelin Team started working together to improve the surface of the runways.

Certain aspects of javelin throwing affect the surface in significant ways. For example, javelin throwers’ shoes use studs that are longer than those used by runners, and this stresses the track considerably in the release and landing areas. In addition, intense braking during the recovery stage requires special support.

For these reasons, and with a goal of developing technologies that meet this sport's specific requirements, MONDO installed two 100m Mondotrack WS tracks in April 2018, which replaced the last semicircle. This enables MONDO to closely study the interaction between the athletes and the surface, and to develop innovative, durable performance solutions.