World Padel Tour 2014 on MONDO artificial turf padel court

Mondo 3NX is the perfect solution for the WPT, the professional paddle circuit the most important in the world.


From May 19th to 25th the Barcelona Club Real of Polo has hosted a round of the World Padel Tour (WPT), the most important professional padel circuit. Estrella Damm Barcelona Open was played on artificial turf system Mondo 3NX blue. An important competition like the WPT, in fact, requires an area of ​​very high-level, and the innovative Mondo 3NX artificial turf padel system, approved by the Spanish Federation of Padel, thanks to its fibers ensures optimum sports performance, high resistance to heat and weather changes, even extreme ones. The Catalan capital's padel court is the 329 ° artificial turf padel court installed this year with this artificial turf system.