A new Olympic Sport?

Performance and chills to the presentation of the new Mini London 2012.

11 oct. 2011

The English champion in the long jump J.J. Jegede is a great show, performing in three Mini jump at the London launch of the 2012 BMW car, which took place at the Potter's Field in London. The three cars lined up measured about 6 feet in length; Jegede jumped without a safety net and little margin for error. If you think that normally the jump of a world-class athlete measuring 7 to 8 meters. To allow the athlete to have the right platform and the elevation of the pit with sand was placed at the same height of the roof of the Mini, and the platform was built with Mondotrack 13 mm, a material specifically designed to achieve high performance, was placed free-standing down the 35m runway, .
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