Master championship record in Ancona

Several athletes showed their best performance on the master hydraulic Modultrack in the city of Marche.

4 mars 2015

Italian Indoor Master Championships were held at the Banca Marche Palas of Ancona, which reported record performance: a world record, one European and twenty-five national performance. The new world record came in the long jump M50 thanks to Gianni Becatti (Olimpia Amateurs Rimini) who jumped 6.75. The new European record was recorded by Mario Longo (Atl. Posillipo) in 60 M50 with a time of 7.29. Among the national records, stand those obtained on the Mondo hydraulic Modultrack in Marche: in the 800m, national record for Luciano Acquarone (Olimpia Amateurs Rimini / SM85) with 3:35.19 and Waltraud Egger (Sportclub Meran / SF65) with 3:08:51; best national benefit for the 4x200 relay SF65 Sef Macerata, who raced in 2:44.20; best national benefit for the 4x200 SM75 SportClub of Meran, with a time of 2:22:56 and the 4x200 SF55 of Trieste Atleticam who raced in 2:04:38; best performance for Italian Thomas Oberhofer (Sudtirol Team Club) in 60hs SM50 with a time of 8.73; Luciano Acquarone (Olimpia Amateurs Rimini) in 1500 SM85 and 3000 SM85; Maria Ruggeri (Atl. Villafranca) in 60 SF45 courses in 8:07; Barbara Martinelli (US San Vittore Olona 1906)in the 400 SF50 with a time of 1:00.70; Daniela Fassi (Atl. Varazze) in 60 SF55 courses in 9:06; Umbertina Contini (Atl. City of Padua) in 60 SF65 with a time of 9:57; Waltraud Egger (Sportclub Meran) in the 1500 SF65 and 3000 SF65 respectively with a time of 6:5:39 and 12:48.70; Jole Sellan (Atl. Aviano) in 1500 SF75, courses in 8:29.73; Nives Fozzer (New Track from Friuli) in 60 SF85 courses in 13.99. That just ended was the tenth consecutive year of Master hosted by Ancona, who will return in 2016 to organize the European Masters indoor. (Photo by FIDAL Marche).

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