Mondo runs with the Olympic Torch

It's been quite a month for the Olympic Torch Relay

13 juin 2016

The olympic flame, ancient symbol of peace, is running from Athems to Rio. The torch, weighing  just 1.38kg, it is 64 centimeters long when closed and 69 centimetres when open, will light the Olympic cauldron in the Maracanã Stadium on August 5th. Others must first run another 20,0000 km throughout Brazil, where 8000 torchbearer will carry the flame before it arrives in Rio. Among these 8000, 4 Mondo representatives will join this epic adventure in the coming days.  Alan already lived this emotional experience in Bocaiuiva. Next, on June 14th, Bruno will repeat the same experience in Imperatriz. Follow Mondo News to discover more about Mondo &  the Torchbearer.