The IAAF a guest of Mondo

the annual meeting of the IAAF Technical Committee was held in Alba, at the Mondo headquarters.

19 févr. 2014

On February 8th and 9th, the venue, Mondo in Alba hosted the IAAF Technical Committee, which was able to see firsthand the production of various Mondo synthetic surfaces, the official partner of the IAAF. During the meeting, a detailed analysis was made of the rules and regulations of the IAAF, with a focus on equipment, stadiums and facilities for athletics. It is the responsibility of the Technical Committee to analyze the existing rules and regulations, and then make the correct recommendations. This practice ensures that the IAAF is in line with the trends of the moment, andl ensure the safety of the athletes, sports and aid to progress. New proposals to amend the current rules were discussed and it is expected that proposals will be submitted to the IAAF Council, and then the next IAAF Congress in 2015. The IAAF thanked Mondo for being an excellent host and for providing the Committee with a beautiful setting for their annual meeting.