MondoHockey GOAL EF

The right field to cultivate talent.

MondoHockey GOAL EF is a next-generation artificial turf system composed of texturized Saturn monofilaments with a semi-concave upright structure and textured central spine, and prefabricated elastic underlayment in reticulated polyolefin foam.

In hockey, speed is critical—but athletes also need a field that supports their movements without allowing the ball to roll too fast. 

MondoHockey GOAL: A field to grow on.

Mondohockey GOAL is a synthetic turf system designed for hockey schools and training programs. The texturized monofilaments with central spines and sand infill create an extremely durable surface and optimal resistance to friction. The lightweight elastic polyolefin foam underlayment provides reliable support for players’ rotational movements. The system satisfies all of the technical parameters required by the FIH Quality Programme and is certified as an Approved Product in the National Category (beginners). 

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Yarn Height: 15 mm

Yarn Ditex: 9.000 dtex

Infill: Sand dressed

Elastic Carpet: Elastic foam


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